Ascension Battlefield: Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Inner Universe: Truth Seeker’s Manual for Personal Peace

Are you a truth seeker looking for a way to blend the magic of Eastern wisdom with Western logic? In Ascension Battlefield, author Angel Knight presents a guide for the independent thinker seeking clarity, for clearing spiritual and emotional confusion, and lighting up your inner guiding light.

‘With complete and utter abandon Angel Knight navigates, for her readers, a journey vibrant with luminous discoveries. The wisdom shared in her book “Ascension Battlefield” is garnered from her personal life experience. An earnest seeker of Truth, Angel Knight explains the adventure into the art of multi-dimensional living; and, why this is vital to accessing a life rooted in inner peace and harmony, in a manner that rings with easy to comprehend clarity. “Ascension Battlefield” is not only eminently readable, it is substantiated by quantum mechanics scientific researched evidence. Praise and congratulations to Angel Knight on her first book. As this reader discovered, “Ascension Battlefield” is also a wonderful bedside reference study guide, to be reached for and read again and again and again. Upon doing so, one’s internal compass will unequivocally point the way to the “Ascension of all Battlefields”. A truly must read…’

Cheryle Richards – Brisbane Australia


“Angel…You would be called upon to touch many of us who, in our obscured painful ways are searching for answers. You have an endless journey to graceful bliss, spreading you unfathomable clarity of spiritual consciousness all over”

Dr Anasua Bagchi – Psychiatrist Specialized in Public Health India


‘Angel… knows how to marry the two parts of spirituality (intuition) and wisdom (logic) to enlighten the consciousness and achieve a better self and happier life…’

Dr. Nasrin Parsian – Academic, Emotional Health Consultant and Speaker Melbourne Australia ‘


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ISBN 13 (SOFT): 9781504314701
ISBN 13 (eBook): 9781504314718

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Ascension Battlefield

Ascension Battlefield